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18 Northumberland Avenue, London, UK
(+44) 871.075.0336
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Public institutions

Deliver best-in-class water service to your customers.

We help you design effective projects and source the right partners to support your water strategy.


Outsourcing your water assets.

Public institutions often lack the financial and technical resources needed to address their water, wastewater and recycling needs and goals.

 Under your guidance, we develop a specialized partnership to deliver the best financial, technical and operational package to satisfy your needs and achieve your goals.


We work for a large range of public institutions
  1. Ministries and state societies
  2. Regional agencies
  3. City Councils
  4. Supra-municipal Public Companies
  5. Communities



We design the project with your team according to your needs and constraints.

Team up

We assemble teams comprising infrastructure funds, water agencies, EPC contractors, plant operators and other key specialities.


We negotiate optimized partner agreements to meet your requirements and define a detailed project development roadmap.


A dedicated company is created, the AssetCo. As long-term partners, we take part of the project equity and provide our expertize throughout the project life.


Use the services without the hassle of managing the infrastructure. Your community enjoys safe and fresh water.

No investment cost.

You don’t need to invest in new assets or needed upgrades anymore. Our financial partners will do it for you.

You can also choose to sell existing assets to the Assetco.

…which means more capital to use for your core activities.

Mitigate the risks.

Transfer the risks of project management, delays, and performance to the AssetCo.

Assure performance and compliance.

External management of the infrastructure by a specialized group provides a higher level of commitment to efficiency and compliance with transparent and credible management.

Benefit from a unique expertise.

Instead of dedicating your own resources to construct, maintain, and operate your water infrastructure, let a team of experts relieve you of the burden.

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Emerging economies

Given the immense need for infrastructure, like water and effluent treatment in emerging economies, helping the private sector contribute to the financing of projects is a vital necessity.


fWE is an experienced developer who can play a lead role in a platform to develop and oversee operations of such projects.