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18 Northumberland Avenue, London, UK
(+44) 871.075.0336
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We source and develop sustainable infrastructure investment opportunities.

Our Approach

There are attractive investment opportunities looking for expertise due to challenges around scale, time, and poorly understood risks of the complex water marketplace.

We leverage our global network and unique expertise to develop opportunities and locate the best ones in the marketplace.

Our opportunities

We propose direct investment opportunities in water infrastructure projects and companies.  Because of the natural link between water, waste and energy, we also develop opportunities in the energy and waste markets.

We focus on transactions with a minimum investment size of USD 10 million.

As we develop some projects ourselves, we can propose opportunities you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

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Why invest in water?

Unlike other resources, water is characterized by predictability and low volatility.  Water projects afford more predictable and stable cash flows than other infrastructure classes.

Water is the best investment alternative to the oversubscribed renewable energies market.


Why invest in emerging economies?

Given the immense need for infrastructures, like water and effluent treatment, in emerging economies, bringing the private sector in a position to contribute in financing projects is a vital necessity.


fWE is an experienced developer who can play a lead role in a platform to develop and oversee operations of such projects.

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