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We offer the opportunity to participate in the development and financing of highly efficient water projects.

fWE is a project developer and an advisory group created to help long-term investors accelerate the flow of private capital into water infrastructure projects and organizations.

We work exclusively on projects that offer both capital and cash growth with a positive impact on the environment.

Water is the major resource challenge of our time.

There is unprecedented pressure on water at a time when we face increasing scarcity, demand, and competition for water.   The impacts are evident with more than 1bn people lacking access to clean water, 2.5bn lacking access to sanitation and both communities and industries facing growth challenges due to the lack of both.

Global water infrastructure is inadequate and needs help. The McKinsey Global Institute estimates $7.5 trillion of water-related investment will be needed globally in the next 15 years.

Our purpose is to facilitate the flow of capital into water infrastructure projects and companies, in order to drive needed and positive change.

We enable the creation of valuable water assets to industrial companies and public institutions through a « FaaS » (Facility-as-a Service) model.

By externalizing their water assets, our customers eliminate the need to invest up-front capital to address their water challenges, while providing attractive investment opportunities to patient investors, creating a long-term partnership with aligned interests.

This model has driven the growth and success of renewable energies.

This will also be the future of the water industry.

Are you looking to finance a project or participate in an investment program?

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