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Meet our team

Spanning the world, our talented team has a unique expertize in the global water market.

Jean-Michel Herrewyn


Jean-Michel has been working in the field of environmental services for 25 years within Veolia, starting with 11 years in the energy service activities of the Company. Among the key positions held, from 2003 to 2009 Jean-Michel was the Chief Executive Officer of Veolia Water Technologies, the 2bn€ technology and EPC daughter company of Veolia, From 2009 to 2013. Jean-Michel was the Chief Executive Officer of Veolia Water, a 12bn€ entity responsible for the water operations of the Group.

Dominique Bouillot


Dominique has a long and very successful career in the fields of hydraulic works and water-related civil works from his experience at SADE, a 100% owned subsidiary of Veolia. Dominique was appointed the CEO of SADE in 2000 and added the responsibility Chairman in 2007. Dominique is Vice-President of the Federation Nationale des Travaux Publics, the prestigious professional syndicate of the French civil work companies. Dominique brings to fWE his vast experience and his network in Africa, where SADE international activities have flourished year after year.

Ed Pinero


Ed has worked as a consultant on sustainability, environment, and energy for more than 35 years. He served as Senior Vice President for Sustainability for Veolia North America. Among his many public sector roles, Ed served as the Chief Sustainability Officer for the US government as an environmental and energy topical advisor to the President of the United States. Ed brings his immense and valuable knowledge around issues of sustainability to fWE to help ensure the development of responsible infrastructure projects.

Fabrice Brochet


Fabrice is a business and developer oriented leader. He has been working in the field of water business for 30 years. With more than 25 years of experience within Veolia as EVP, leading Business units developing EPC, Solutions, Services and Operations. 16 years was dedicated to the development of international Area on various continents. Fabrice bring to fWE his business development mindset and international experience within the water sector.

Frank Bourdon


Frank is a recognized expert on water and wastewater processes and technologies. For more than 26 years within Veolia, Frank has brought his vast expertise to the benefit of multiple projects and countless water infrastructures . Holding, in these many years, several management executive positions within the company, he is also extremely knowledgeable about the business relevance of many different types of processes and technologies. Frank brings to fWE the capacity to assess a new technology or an innovative process and validate its merit vs. the existing solutions currently used by the water industry.

Harald Jensen


Harald is leader of business development and M&A initiatives with over 25 years of experience, including 10 years managing Veolia North America’s municipal water business development and M&A activities. Harald has also held senior business and corporate development positions with American Water and Enron. His expertise includes strategy, project finance, and project management.

Hervé Suty


For more than 10 years, Hervé has managed several research and development groups within Veolia. Prior to that, Hervé was the department manager responsible for water and effluent treatment for Arkema, a leading chemical specialties provider. Hervé has a deep knowledge and proven record in all aspects of water processes and technologies that he brings to fWE.

Jean-Philippe Filhol


Jean-Philippe is a growth oriented leader with more than 20 years of International experience, including 12 years based in Asia. Jean-Philippe has successfully managed Veolia Water Technologies industrial water activities in Asia for many years, leading the water technologies, EPC and related service activities for local and international industrial customers.Jean-Philippe brings to fWE his vast experience in the industrial water sector, as well as his Asian business network.

Julia Bertret


Julia is an entrepreneur with a vast experience in launching successful new businesses from scratch. Julia managed the innovation department of Veolia and has a deep knowledge of the water innovation ecosystem. Julia brings to fWE her start-up oriented mind as well as her deep knowledge in the water sector.

Michele Molinari


Michele is an entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience and has been delivering customized solutions in the mobility and energy sector worldwide. He has a vast experience in project development in collaboration with EPCs, export credit agencies and customers worldwide. Michele brings to fWE his long project delivery experience, his international business network and his passion for smart green solutions.

Ona Bodard


Ona has accumulated an impressive knowledge and expertise from her political career as a Member of the European Parliament and from her work for the World Bank, European Commission, various Governments, and Ministries of Economy in emerging countries, most notably in Eastern Europe. Ona brings to fWE her expert knowledge of these countries and their many needs to design and manage the evolution of their industries and infrastructure.

Terry Mah


Terry is an innovative performance-oriented leader with more than 20 years of international infrastructure-related experience. As former CEO of Veolia North America’s $2bn business, and former COO and EVP of Veolia Water Technologies International activities, Terry brings to fWE his vast knowledge in the water, energy and waste management sectors.