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Development institutions

Development institutions like IFC welcome fWE's initiatives. We present them the investments opportunities in which their presence can be valuable.

SFI / IFC Disclaimer


IFC makes no express or implied representation or warranty as to the accuracy, completeness or sufficiency of the information presented herein, nor as to the extent of success that may be achieved in the implementation of any recommendation contained herein. The information presented herein is not a solicitation for investment or financing, nor provided for a decision to participate in any investment or financing. IFC shall not be liable for any loss, cost, damage, or liability that any investor or potential third party may suffer or incur as a result of relying on any information contained herein.
IFC has not committed to any investment or financing in or entered into any legal agreement with fWE and there is no binding or other obligation or expectation of IFC to pursue further appraisal, investment or financing to fWE or any affiliated entity and IFC is not precluded from considering this project or any other similar project with other investors. IFC’s decision to invest is contingent upon comprehensive due diligence of the investment opportunity and on any partner or shareholder in any project. It should be noted that IFC has not yet initiated any of its investment committee processes whereby any IFC investment would require approval from both IFC Management and its Board of Directors. Any IFC investment will be, in addition to the above, contingent upon execution of all appropriate legal documentation, in form and substance satisfactory to IFC.